About the Advanced Immigration Law and Policy Project

The Advanced Immigration Law and Policy Project (AILP) at the University of Iowa College of Law serves judges, attorneys, lawmakers, nonprofit organizations, and immigrant communities in the state of Iowa.  Each year, students enrolled in the AILP seminar complete immigration-related legal policy projects for organizational clients throughout the state.

AILP students work in small teams to undertake substantial original research and legal writing projects for their organizational clients.  AILP has worked on a wide variety of cutting-edge issues including the creation of community ID cards, the representation of unaccompanied immigrant children, the suspension of immigration detainers, and the development of comprehensive immigration reform. 

AILP is structured around the students developing a series of core competencies for effective lawyers and advocates: building and maintaining effective attorney-client relationships, conducting thorough research, writing for multiple fixed deadlines, and reviewing and improving their own work and their colleagues’ work.  As part of AILP, the students experience first-hand the intersection of legal and policy questions and have the opportunity to explore the role that lawyers can play in developing innovative solutions to challenging problems.  The students work with their clients to brainstorm effective advocacy and/or litigation strategies, answer tough doctrinal and policy questions, and educate our communities about developments in the law.

Organizations interested in working with AILP students should contact Professor Stella Elias: stella-elias@uiowa.edu