About the Administrative Relief Project

Following President Barack Obama's announcement on November 20, 2014 about new and expanded Immigration Relief programs, immigrant communities in Iowa were left with many questions about the specifics of these programs. In response to this need for accurate information in Iowa's immigrant communities, the Advanced Immigration Law & Policy Seminar partnered with Iowa Justice for our Neighbors (JFON) to help Iowans understand and apply for the these programs.

The result of this partnership is a set of comprehensive materials to help JFON and other community groups inform their communities about the new apprehension and removal priorities as well as the paramters around Deferred Action for Childhood Arrives (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). 

These materials fall into three categories:


Community Presentation Materials

Immigration Clinic Materials

Informational Materials (Downloadable Content) 

Both versions of this Presentation--informational and interactive--provide community organizers a simple way to present accurate information to immigrant communities. 

The interactive version goes a step further--taking participants step-by-step through a Self-Screening Worksheet to determine whether they qualify for relief.  This Worksheet can then be used by applicants for immigration relief to prepare them to participate in an immigration relief clinic.

Organizations that want to help immigrants apply for DACA and DAPA can use the step-by-step model clinic guide and accompanying materials to design and facilitate their own relief clinics. 

Used in conjunction with the Interactive Community Presentation, the How to Plan an Immigration Relief Clinic guide and its accompanying materials are designed to help organizations move immigrants from self-screening to finalized DACA and DAPA applications.  

Various informational materials (in English and Spanish) are also available to print and provide to immigrants, so they have accurate information at home. These materials, along with all of the materials that you may need to give a Presentation or host a Clinic, are available for downloading and printing.



On June 23, 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion that leaves in place a preliminary injunction blocking the implementation of DAPA and extended DACA, pending the outcome of a trial before a federal district court in Texas to determine whether the programs may go ahead. It is important to understand that you cannot apply for the programs at this time.