Background Information Station

Description: Participants may spend the most time at this station as volunteers help them collect necessary background information. There are three major components to this station: Participant Disclaimer, Iowa Courts Online check, and Past Addresses. 

Staff: 1–2 trained volunteers (depending on anticipated turnout).

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconBackground Information Station Guide.pdf.

Sample Materials

Participant Disclaimer: Volunteers will go over the Participant Disclaimer in detail with each participant. It is important that the participant understands the importance of being honest and candid, and the possible consequences for not being truthful on the application.

For a sample Participant Disclaimer, click here: PDF iconParticipant Disclaimer.pdf

Iowa Courts Online Check: If your organization held an Interactive Community Presentation, the volunteer should check to see if the participant brought a completed Iowa Courts Online Check chart. If the participant does have a completed chart, the volunteer should still check the participant’s criminal record on Iowa Courts Online to make sure he or she does not have any new charges. If the participant does not have an Iowa Courts Online chart, the volunteer should perform a complete Iowa Courts Online check and fill out the chart. Again, this is voluntary, but each participant should understand the importance of checking for criminal charges. Participants should also understand that Iowa Courts Online only checks for criminal charges in Iowa. If a participant has lived in another state, or believes they had charges in another state, they should speak with an immigration attorney or BIA Rep. 

An Iowa Courts Online check is available to the public at and requires the participant’s full name and date of birth. The trained volunteer can consult the Iowa Courts Online Key (below) if they have any questions about what type of case numbers are criminal charges. The volunteer should follow the chart (below) and fill out the case number, charge and code section, disposition date, and disposition or sentence. 

For the Iowa Courts Online Key, click here: PDF iconIowa Courts Online Key.pdf
For a sample Iowa Courts Online Check Chart, click here: PDF iconClinic Iowa Courts Online Check Chart.pdf

Past Addresses Chart: If your organization held an Interactive Community Presentation, all participants were provided with the Past Addresses Chart and were encouraged to record all past addresses since arriving in the U.S. If the participant does not have a completed Past Addresses Chart, the participant will have to collect all past addresses before completing an application.

At the clinic,you may want to consider having additional volunteers available to help Google search and Google map the participant’s past addresses. This can be time consuming and difficult, but the participant will need those addresses to apply for DAPA or DACA. 

For a sample Past Addresses Chart, click here: PDF iconPast Addresses Chart.pdf.

Screening Worksheet: At sign-in, each participant either had or completed a Self-Screening Worksheet. The volunteers should make sure the participant did in fact complete the worksheet before sending a participant to the next station. The volunteer does not need to go through the worksheet with the participant, just check for completeness (available under the Sign-In Station link).