Clinic Preparation Materials

Planning any form of walk-in, free clinic can be logistically challenging. When it comes to immigration clinics, there are many things to consider. How many volunteers will I need?  How do I train volunteers? Can volunteers fill out forms? What is the best way to determine whether a participant is eligible? How do we ensure participants understand the risks of applying for certain programs? How do we communicate the consequences associated with submitting false or misleading information to USCIS? What materials should I create to help participants and volunteers? What office supplies or electronics will I need? 

As part of the Administrative Relief Project, we considered all these questions and many more in order to create Immigration Relief Clinic materials that are adaptable to different communities and organizations. Below is a guide on How to Plan an Immigration Relief Clinic, which contains detailed instructions or ideas on how to plan your own clinic. Please feel free to adapt these materials to suit the needs of your community. 

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconHow to Plan an Immigration Relief Clinic.pdf.

Sample Materials

Advertising: A key element of a productive clinic is making sure the local community knows when the clinic will take place and what services the clinic will provide.  

For a sample advertising flyer in English, click here: 
For a sample advertising flyer in Spanish, click here:

Volunteer Training: We understand that it is often difficult to gather all volunteers together for a formal training before the date of the clinic. Thus, we designed the clinic so that volunteers could be trained in about an hour before the clinic. For detailed information on how to train your volunteers, see the guide on PDF iconHow to Plan an Immigration Relief Clinic.pdf. We have also created a sample Volunteer Overview handout that should be distributed when the volunteers first arrive at the clinic. We recommend that you go through the Volunteer Overview as a group until the volunteers go to their assigned stations. We have also included a sample Volunteer Agreement that explains confidentiality, legal advice, any fees or charges, and limited services. 

For a sample Volunteer Overview handout, click here: PDF iconVolunteer Overview Handout.pdf
For a sample Volunteer Agreement, click here: PDF iconVolunteer Agreement.pdf