DAPA Station 

Description: Participants will visit the DAPA Station if the Legal Team Station determines that the participant is eligible for DAPA.

Application: The volunteers will go through and discuss each and every question as the participant fills in the DAPA application form. The volunteer should not fill out or complete any portion of the application because then the volunteer would be considered a preparer.  If the volunteer or participant has any legal questions, they should always ask an attorney or accredited BIA Rep.

Supporting Documents: The volunteers will also help determine which evidentiary documents should be submitted with the application. The volunteer will make copies of all the evidentiary documents once they have been assembled and complete a DAPA Cover Page (below). If the participant was unable to bring all his or her evidentiary documents, the volunteer should note which documents the participant will need to collect on the Incomplete DAPA Application Handout.

Staff: 2–4 volunteers. We recommend that volunteer work in teams of two so that one volunteer can focus on the application and one volunteer can focus on the evidentiary documents.

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconDAPA Station Guide.pdf.

Sample Materials

USCIS DAPA Instructions: The DAPA instructions are not yet available. We hope the guidelines and instructions will be available in the near future.

USCIS DAPA Application: The DAPA Application is not yet available. We hope it will be available in the near future. 

DAPA Application Cover Page: Each applicant should submit a cover page with his or her application. The cover page can be filled in by hand or typed if possible. The generic table of contents should reflect the applicant's supporting document page numbers. 

For a sample DAPA Application Cover Page, click here: PDF iconDAPA Application Cover Page.pdf

Incomplete DAPA Application Handout: Some applicants may not be able to complete their application at the clinic because they are missing information or do not have all their supporting documents. The volunteers should record any information or documents that the applicant needs before sending the application to USCIS. 

For a sample Incomplete DAPA Application Handout, click here: PDF iconIncomplete DAPA Application Handout.pdf