Discharge Station

Description: All participants will visit this station before leaving the clinic. The volunteers will review the participant’s documents and make sure that all necessary documents are complete. If the participant was unable to complete his or her application (due to missing information or evidentiary documents), the volunteers will explain to the participant what needs to be completed before he or she can mail the application to USCIS. If the participant was able to complete the application at the clinic, the volunteers will place all the materials in a mailing envelope and address the envelope All the participants will have to do at this point is go to the post office and drop off the envelope. 

The volunteers will also carefully explain each part of the Clinic Discharge Brochure and place special emphasis on the Iowa Department of Transportation warning.   

Staff: 2–4 volunteers. We recommend having someone from the hosting organization at the Discharge Station.

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconDischarge Station Guide.pdf.

Sample Materials 

Clinic Discharge Brochure: We created a brochure for participants that addresses the next steps in the application process, a specific Iowa DOT warning, contact information for immigration attorneys or BIA Reps, and tips on completing the application process. 

For a sample Clinic Discharge Brochure, click here: PDF iconClinic Discharge Brochure.pdf