Employment Authorization Station

Description: All DACA and DAPA participants will need to visit this station to apply for their Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The Employment Authorization Application and accompanying Worksheet must be sent in the same mailing envelope as the DAPA or DACA application. 

Application: The volunteers will go through and discuss each and every question as the participant fills in the EAD Application and accompanying Worksheet. The volunteer should not fill out or complete any portion of the application because then the volunteer would be considered a preparer.

Supporting Documents: The volunteer will also help determine which, if any, evidentiary documents should be submitted with the application. The volunteer will make copies of all the evidentiary documents once they have been assembled and finish filling the DAPA/DACA Cover Page. If the participant was unable to bring all their evidentiary documents, the volunteer should note which documents the participant will need to collect on the Incomplete DAPA/DACA Application Handout.

Staff: 2–4 volunteers. We recommend that volunteers work in teams of two so that one volunteer can focus on the application and one volunteer can focus on the evidentiary documents.

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconEmployment Authorization Station Guide.pdf

Sample Materials

USCIS Employment Authorization Application Instructions: The USCIS Intstructions are an excellent source for answering common questions or concerns.

For USCIS Instructions for I-765, click here: PDF iconInstructions for I-765.pdf.

USCIS Employment Authorization Application: This is the USCIS application needed to apply for work authorization and a permit.

For USCIS Form I-765, click here: PDF iconI-765.pdf

USCIS Employment Authorization Worksheet: This Worksheet is required to show economic necessity and must be submitted with the actual application.

For USCIS Form I-765ws, click here: PDF iconI-765ws.pdf.