Iowa Immigration Relief Clinics

For detailed information on planning an immigration relief clinic, download our guide: How To Plan an Immigration Relief Clinic

As part of the Administrative Relief Project, we have created a step-by-step guide as well as supplemental materials to help community organizations host free immigration relief clinics.

Our clinic guide imagines breaking the clinic into seven Stations: Sign-In, Background Information, Legal Team, DAPA, DACA, Employment Authorization, and Discharge. Information for each station, as well as supplemental information to provide to clinic participants, can be found in brief below and in detail in the Guide.


Volunteers Needed

Materials to print

Station
Greet participants and help them fill out a Sign-In Questionnaire or Self-Screening Worksheet


Questionnaire (English Only)
Chart (English Only)

Self-Screening Worksheet (English)
Self-Screening Worksheet (Spanish)

Background Information
Explain the Participant Disclaimer, check participants' criminal history on Iowa Courts Online, and collect participants' past addresses


Participant Disclaimer (English)

Iowa Courts Online Check Chart (English)
Iowa Courts Online Check Chart (Spanish)

Iowa Courts Online Key (English Only)

Past Addresses Chart (English)
Past Addresses Chart (Spanish)

Legal Team
Review Screening Worksheet and background information to determine eligibility for DACA and DAPA


​Help participants fill out their DAPA application and assemble evidentiary documents


DAPA Application Cover Page (English Only)

Incomplete DAPA Application Handout (English)

Help participants fill out their DACA application and assembling evidentiary documents


DACA Application Cover Page (English Only)

Incomplete DACA Application Handout (English)

Employment Authorization
Help participants fill out their work permit application and accompanying worksheet and organize evidentiary documents 


I-765 Worksheet (English Only)
I-765 Instructions (English Only)
Form I-765 (English Only)

Review participants' applications for completeness and go through the clinic brochure with participants


Clinic Discharge Brochure (English)

Background Information Requests (English)

This layout is just a sample and is designed to be comprehensive. You should feel free to adjust the clinic layout based on your community's needs.