This Chart was created to assist public defenders and other attorneys representing immigrant clients facing Iowa criminal charges to provide competent legal advice relating to the potential immigration consequences for a conviction, as required per Padilla v. Kentucky.[1]  This chart is a searchable pdf. Use CTRL F to locate the offense your client is charged with by Iowa Code section number or the title of the offense. For each criminal statute in the Iowa Code, this chart specifies the immigration classification of the offense (aggravated felony, CIMT, etc.) and provides basic information on how your client may be affected by a conviction of the offense based upon her immigration status. This chart is designed to be used in conjunction with the Guide to Immigration Consequences for Iowa Criminal Convictions, which provides more detailed information on how the classification of an offense may affect your client based upon her status.

[1] Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S. 356 (2010).

Download the Immigration Consequences for Iowa Criminal Statutes Chart