What is an injunction?

On February 16, 2015, a federal judge in Texas issued a "preliminary injunction," which temporarily pauses DAPA and DACA from going forward. The U.S. government immediately began appealing the decision and we are currently waiting for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a decision on whether the injunction is "stayed" (or lifted), so that the programs can go forward. Oral arguments in front of the Fifth Circuit are scheduled for April 17, 2015. 

What programs did the injunction affect? 

The injunction only affects the new DACA and DAPA programs. Other programs announced by President Obama on November 20, 2014 can still go forward, including the new enforcement priorities. The new DACA program was set to begin on February 18, 2015, but the injunction occurred just days before, pausing the program. It was initially anticipated that the DAPA application would be available in May of 2015. When the new DACA and DAPA will be available is now unclear. However, it is important to understand, that while we have great faith that the programs will be allowed to go forward, we cannot be sure. We hope that both applications will be available in the near future. 

For a sample injunction flyer in English, click here: PDF iconEnglish Injunction Flyer.pdf.
For a sample injunction flyer in Spanish, click here: PDF iconSpanish Injunction Flyer.pdf.

Recent Decisions

On April 7, 2015, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that agents of USCIS nor the state of Mississippi had standing to challenge DACA. Crane v. Johnson.