Station

Description: At this station, participants will sign-in and complete a Sign-In Questionnaire. If the participant has not previously attended an Interactive Community Presentation, the participant will be prompted to ask the volunteers for a Self-Screening Worksheet. If your organization if providing child care, the volunteers should try to encourage participants to check-in with the child care before beginning the Questionnaire or Worksheet.

Staff: At least 2 volunteers (3–4 if you plan on providing day care).

For a more detailed explanation, click here: PDF iconSign-In Station Guide.pdf.

Sample Materials

Sign-In Chart: This is simply a premade chart for participants to sign-in. 

For a sample Sign-In Chart, click here: PDF iconSign-In Chart.pdf.

Sign-In Questionnaire: After the participant is settled, the volunteers should provide the participant with a Sign-In Questionnaire and a manila folder to hold all clinic documents. The participant will sit down and begin the Questionnaire.

For a sample Sign-In Questionnaire, click here: PDF iconSign-In Questionnaire.pdf

Self-Screening Worksheet: The Questionnaire asks whether the participant attended a community presentation and brought a completed Self-Screening Worksheet to the clinic. If the participant does have a Self-Screening Worksheet, then he or she will just need to complete the Questionnaire. If the participant does not have a completed Self-Screening Worksheet, the Questionnaire will prompt the participant to request a Worksheet from the volunteers. The volunteers should provide the participant with the Worksheet (either in English or Spanish) and instruct them according to the Sign-In Station Guide.

For a sample Self-Screening Worksheet in English, click here: PDF iconEnglish Clinc Self-Screening Worksheet.pdf
For a sample Self-Screening Worksheet in Spanish, click here: PDF iconSpanish Clinic Screening Worksheet.pdf