The Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Clearinghouse is a collaborative project that depends on the contributions of members of the Iowa-Nebraska Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Advanced Immigration Law & Policy Seminar at the University of Iowa College of Law. This clearinghouse is a collection of sample resources from successful and unsuccessful SIJS petitions.  The clearinghouse serves as an online repository and database for immigration attorneys and other legal practitioners to assist in their SIJS advocacy efforts. Its purpose is to provide a centralized location to access sample, redacted SIJS orders issued across the state of Iowa. The materials in the clearinghouse are simply the current approaches members of the Iowa Bar take to handling SIJS petitions. 

Using the Clearinghouse

SIJS Clearinghouse Cover Sheet Sample

The clearinghouse is a resource for judges and practitioners in Iowa. Users can browse the clearinghouse, which indexes materials based on:

  1. Type of court (i.e., probate or juvenile),
  2. County of filing, and
  3. Presiding judge.

A cover page accompanies each set of materials, which describes the documents available for that case. The materials in it are not legal advice, and individuals should conduct additional legal research to learn of any applicable changes in the law.


Submitting Materials to the Clearinghouse

The clearinghouse is a collaborative project, and its usefulness depends on practitioners through the state submitting sample, redacted SIJS materials for inclusion. Professor Stella Elias and members of the Advanced Immigration Law & Policy Seminar welcome submissions of materials via email at For any submissions, individuals at the University of Iowa College of Law will create a cover page and upload the accompanying materials to the clearinghouse.