​Professor Elias and students on the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status project offer training presentationsto members of the Iowa legal community. Currently, they have scheduled multiple training presentations throughout Iowa. The materials from those presentations will become available on this site after the presentations take place and are meant to be used in conjunction with the other SIJS materials on this site. 

Image of Judicial PowerPoint Presentation

The upcoming presentation to Iowa state court judges is a response to American Bar Association Resolution 113 (2015), which states, in part, that: “State court judges and staff should receive training to learn to effectively and timely hear and adjudicate petitions or motions on behalf of immigrant children, including for the purposes of making predicate findings that are required for a child to obtain Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.”

The presentation has three goals.  First, it explains state courts’ statutorily prescribed role in adjudicating cases involving immigrant youth seeking federal Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.  Second, it provides a clear overview of the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status petition process, from initial state court petition through grant of status by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Third, and finally, it describes the criteria that must be addressed by a state court adjudicating immigration-related guardianship petitions, and the necessary contents of any guardianship order.

For more information on scheduling a training, please contact Professor Stella Elias at stella-elias@uiowa.edu