Volunteer Training Presentation

Description: This presentation is designed to train volunteers who are willing to help with the Interactive Community Presentation. This presentation should last approximately two hours. The Volunteer Training Presentation is identical to the Informative Community Presentation, except there are additional "volunteer" tip slides which help volunteers identify common questions and concerns. 

For the complete presentation, click here: FileVolunteer Training Presentation.pptx.

For the complete guide on How to Plan an Immigration Relief Presentation, click herePDF iconHow to Plan an Immigration Relief Presentation.pdf

What materials should I have at the training? 

Self-Screening Worksheet: The Self-Screening Worksheet is explained in more detail on the Interactive Community Presentation page. Each volunteer should have a copy of the Self-Screening Worksheet at the Volunteer Training Presentation so they can follow along through the training and become familiar with the worksheet. Again, it is important to emphasize that participants do not need to fill out the top portion of the worksheet that contains identifying information. The worksheet is solely for the participant and to help the attorneys or BIA Representatives in the individual consultations. 

For the Self-Screening Worksheet in English, click here: PDF iconEnglish Self-Screening Worksheet.pdf
For the Self-Screening Worksheet in Spanish, click here: PDF iconSpanish Self-Screening Worksheet.pdf

Other Sample Materials: You may want to have copies of the other materials that will be distributed to participants at the Interactive Community Presentation. Explanations about the materials below can be found on the Interactive Community Presentation page.

For a sample Iowa Courts Online Check Chart in English, click here: PDF iconIowa Courts Online Check.pdf
For a sample Iowa Courts Online Check Chart in Spanish, click here: PDF iconTribunales de Iowa en la Red.pdf
For an Iowa Courts Online Key, click here: PDF iconIowa Courts Online Key.pdf

What should the volunteers pay special attention to? 

Examples: The presentation contains many "examples" or story problems which encourage audience to discuss and answer questions. The volunteers should become familiar with these examples, so that they can volunteer to answer if other participants are shy or do not feel comfortable in the beginning. 

Questions: The volunteers should understand that they cannot give legal advice. However, they can help participants with the worksheet and learn how to identify certain questions where the participant needs to talk to any attorney or BIA Representative. There should also be one volunteer walking around the room at the Interactive Community Presentation collecting written questions in a basket or other container.